Why do people 'Like/Share' so much?

In the era of high speed social networking, sharing is so simple. Why do people share? The most probable answer will be to let their circle of friends know what he/she is up-to, or to create memories which eventually used by Analytic engines to find your pattern of doing things. After sharing, the next phase is Liking it. So why do people like/share so much? Here are the reasons that we assume correct .
Want their friends to observe it
Genuinely liked it
To build a virtual personalityPeople like/share technology related videos only and they share too often. Of course it floods the friends' news feed and also causes irritation
To keep in the activity log for later useLiterally hundreds of posts coming daily for a normal user. User likes so many pages, make so many friends. So many pages and so many friends gives so many posts. It's hard to find what you have liked earlier once you move a day. The liked or shared items will reside in the activity log for sure which will be used to find the things you liked earlier.

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