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A child mindset - Carrom board example

Well, I'm not trying to generalize the things happening all around the world. I'm trying to express my view on particular example that I've seen.
There are two ways of playing carrom-board game, one is to focus on your coins and one is to focus on others' coins. By spoiling opponent's coins in a way that, it is hard to pot them. 

If you are playing against a child, if he/she chooses second method, it seems to be cute, very cute or super funny. But it should not be taken that easy as it affects Child's approach to a problem. One should put more  focus on one's own strengths and try to win the game rather than thinking how to destroy others.

inner voice : See bro!! We have to disturb opponents' coins. It is one of the game plan.
me : Yeah, I agree. But only disturbing should not be the game plan. We need to work on our own strengths. that's what I'm trying to say.

Children are like solid rock with random shape. Only sculptors like parents or teachers c…

Bulk drugs manufacturing, Make in India.!

Bulk drugs are also known as API, that’s not our API ( Application Program Interface), It is Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. These are ingredients of many popular drugs like Paracetamol, aspirin.

India is importing 90% of these drugs from China. In today’s life, drug is as essential as food. So, Indian Govt. is looking to make a policy on manufacturing these Bulk Drugs in India itself, thus reducing our importing costs and we get more employment which eventually enhances our economy. Other reason for setting up these medical parks is to control the prices of medicine especially essential medicine.

MeeBhoomi - A good initiative from AP Govt.

We bring nothing when we come to this world and we take nothing when we died. But still, what we have in the life will be valuable at least for the time we live. Wait, why I'm saying this now, because most of our valuable time is well spent on the land issues. And there is so many things need to happen to know the present owner of the land. Recently AP (Andhra Pradesh) government announces a portal for public to access all the land details.

Jurassic World - No childish, but good

I always feel Jurassic and dinosaur stuff is childish. But this Jurassic world proved me wrong. It made me thrilled, excited and frightened. No doubt every invention leads to some military application so that it can kill others. People try to invent/research something extraordinary , but in many cases it end up with stupid results just like Rex in this movie. The movie features Indominous Rex, the deadly dangerous and cruel dinosaur, four crazy dinos (Blue, Delta, yeah whatever) trained by our hero (chris pratt), Irrfan Khan (Indian actor) acts as in charge for the Island. It knows how to bluff the controllers sitting outside the protection wall. And eventually the bad one escapes from the cage. Staff and security cannot handle the situation. The plan to resolve this issue is, by training those crazy dinos to aim at the bad one (Rex). But here comes the twist, they both have same DNA and all the five start killing the people including the trainer. So how everyone else survived is the…

International Yoga day - Jun 21

From ancient times, India had given many remarkable things to the world. Yoga was one of them. Today we celebrate the inaugural International Yoga Day. Narendra Modi, Honourable Prime Minister of  India proposed International Yoga Day in UN (United Nations) last year. And they are cool with it and finalised 21st June as International Yoga Day.  And today, the response for Yoga was truly amazing. Not only in India, people in foreign countries too responded positively. Many political leaders followed the foot steps of Modi including Ravi Shankar Prasad (IT minister) and AP CM Chandrababu Naidu.

Father - Unsung Hero : Happy Father's Day

June, first month of academic year and we eager to go out with dad to get all the necessary stuff for new school. New Geometry box, new note books, new text books and books must be covered with paper. Before coming copy right books for improving handwriting (Extra care). Our father surely acted as a teacher at childhood,friend at adulthood,guide at young age At our young age we often blush him for being strict, giving many suggestions. But we never look closely how much he care for us.

Half Girl friend - Few thoughts

The sound of wall clock made me aware that I was supposed to sleep. It was 3'O clock in the late night. And no sign of dizziness in the mind but, more mixed feelings about Riya and Madhav. Feeling happy for them. InnerVoice : seriously dude, are you happy for a fiction character?
Me: it's not about the character, it is the feel of the character. (Batman voice) The amazing drama starts slowly with the introduction of hero(Madhav Jha) and heroine(Riya ) taking their admissions at St. Stephen's degree college, Delhi. They were both proved their worth for taking them in sports quota. They played fantastic basket ball as Madhav was a state level player. That's where they met for the first time. Riya was rich and simple. Madhav was weak in speaking english. It's not an easy task to find out the lifetime girl. Madhav sticked to her and had so much fun in talking, kissing and with the provocation of friends he tried for make love to her. She was upset and marrited to the …

The end of Kalam era!

This is no rocket science to understand, it is simple.One often use this line to say how simple it is do any task and elevating the difficulty in understanding therocket science.But the author of Wings of Fire did understand them with ease. And cherished in
Missile man of India for his extensive work in Military missile development. The Tamil born honored with Bharat Ratna - highest civilian award for an Indian. And Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan
Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam.Film on Kalam, I AM KALAM.
First Bachelor to enter into Rashtrapathi bhavan. I have identified five areas where India has a core competence for integrated action:(1) agriculture and food processing;(2) education and healthcare;(3) information and communication technology; (4) infrastructure, reliable and quality electric power, surface transport and infrastructure for all parts of the country; and(5) self-reliance in critical technologies. These five areas are closely inter-related and if advanced in a coor…

Type of Happy people

No wonder people always dream of new things and they themselves define happiness after the fulfillment of next desire. But this is never ending definition of happiness.
Every person finds happiness in their own way, a beggar is happy when he is given with meals for that day, a teacher is happy when his/her student became successful in his/her life and a business person is happy when he earned huge profits.

How blood pressure works?

Here is simple video about blood pressure.

Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer to take 4th straight World Tour Finals title

It took no time to level back the Head to Head 22-22 in 44 meetings of Federer and Djokovic.
Djokovic continued his form in the finals same as in the Semi-final match which was a commanding game or dictating game. Federer's SABR(Sneak Attack By Roger) or quick charged serves were unmatched for Novak's stretches and returns. Thanks to Infosys for it's information platform, Novak's 2nd serve points win percentage is higher than Roger's win percentage and Roger seriously had higher average first and second serves and common unforced errors costed him much.

It was an outstanding year for the Serb to clinch 6 ATP 1000 masters, 3 Grandslams and year end ranking No. 1. It was Federer who stopped his winning streak when he defeated him last week in the blue shaded O2 arena. Today Djokovic did the retaliation by winning in straight sets 6-3,6-4.

Despite loss in the final ATP tour match this year, it was a decent show in this World Tour finals and this year he was actually …

Ram is finally back with 'Nenu Sailaja'

Cinema ela undo review chadivi velte matram naku ee cinema asalu nachedi kademo. Anduke cheptna, movie choosaka rasindi chadavandi. Cinema choosaka malli review chadavadam enduku time bokka antaremo. Cinema experience ni share cheskovalnte evaro okaru dorakaliga.

Pillalaku prementra babu ani first lo anipinchina, manasantha nuve story kuda ilane start indi marchipoyava ani manasulo anukone lope pillalu peddollipoyaru.
Fights tho cinemalu choosi choosi chiraku dobbindi, "Ram cinema na, ithe lite teesko vachu, fightlu ekkuva, anni  movies okela unnattanipistai" ane situation ki vachesa. But Yendukante premanta cinema tarvata Ram ki, audience ki idi manchi cinema.
Heroine okko angle lo okkola kanipistundi, adi aa ammai make up problemaa leda naa eyes problem aa artham kavatla. Heroine peru, Keerthi Suresh and she is from Chennai.
Dialogues cinematic ga kakunda realistic ga (i mean real life lo vade dialogues) unnai. Rockstar devi background score kuda bagundi. Songs average ga…

Nannaku prematho - Another Mind game from Sukumar

Ikkada ila review rastunnanu ante, idi ippati emotion kadu, Movie choosetapudu baga entertain ayyanu kabatti danni ikadiki carry chesa. Srushtilo anni interconnected ga untai. Oka chota unna oka vastuvu/manishi inkoka chotuna unna maroka vastuvu/manishi ni prabhavitam chestai. Ee cinemaki Sukumar logic ide. Tulsiram theatre lo I4 seat lo kurchoni choodadam valla cinema naku baga nachindemo.

Fortunate to have the director like Sukumar in the Telugu film industry. 1 Nenokkadine was a master piece and this one was another master piece. Sukumar is playing with the brains of Audience. He never wants to make movies that entertain the audience to have the conventional song-fight-song formula experience. He make you dive in the subject and create a strange feeling about the leading role. Asalu ila evaraina untara ani anipinchadam tadhyam.

Vijay C Chakravarthy, the Cinematographer who also worked for Bommarillu, Oye, Oh my friend etc.. He was too awesome for this movie. When the movie started…

Happy Mother's Day, Best video explains it all

No words for what mother do in our daily lives, here is a perfect video for the work she do.
Mother : #World'sToughestJob

Unlimited hours. No breaks. The most important job is also the world's toughest job.