A child mindset - Carrom board example

Well, I'm not trying to generalize the things happening all around the world. I'm trying to express my view on particular example that I've seen.
  There are two ways of playing carrom-board game, one is to focus on your coins and one is to focus on others' coins. By spoiling opponent's coins in a way that, it is hard to pot them. 

If you are playing against a child, if he/she chooses second method, it seems to be cute, very cute or super funny. But it should not be taken that easy as it affects Child's approach to a problem. One should put more  focus on one's own strengths and try to win the game rather than thinking how to destroy others.

inner voice : See bro!! We have to disturb opponents' coins. It is one of the game plan.

me : Yeah, I agree. But only disturbing should not be the game plan. We need to work on our own strengths. that's what I'm trying to say.

Children are like solid rock with random shape. Only sculptors like parents or teachers can turn them into an amazing sculpture. It is the responsibility of them to create a proper environment to grow as a human being.

A thief/beggar is not an alien that came from outer space. They are just like us, but the difference is the circumstances or needs that make them like that. 

So my dear young generation parents, and techno teachers ( I know most of the parents will do that, just reminding) try to provide a positive environment, where a child is able to dream big, achieve more and become a successful human being.

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