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Jurassic World - No childish, but good

I always feel Jurassic and dinosaur stuff is childish. But this Jurassic world proved me wrong. It made me thrilled, excited and frightened.
No doubt every invention leads to some military application so that it can kill others. People try to invent/research something extraordinary , but in many cases it end up with stupid results just like Rex in this movie.
The movie features Indominous Rex, the deadly dangerous and cruel dinosaur, four crazy dinos (Blue, Delta, yeah whatever) trained by our hero (chris pratt), Irrfan Khan (Indian actor) acts as in charge for the Island. It knows how to bluff the controllers sitting outside the protection wall. And eventually the bad one escapes from the cage. Staff and security cannot handle the situation. The plan to resolve this issue is, by training those crazy dinos to aim at the bad one (Rex). But here comes the twist, they both have same DNA and all the five start killing the people including the trainer. So how everyone else survived is the key thing to watch this film.
People like to watch big living things doing some crazy stuff. And hence watching the dinosaurs is perfect entertainment, especially on big screen. The dino under the water is cool. Crazy Rex trying to kill the kids, that scene showed how intelligent that was. A couple of times it slowly smells the human and bang in the next frame, that's the thrilling part.
I found some cute and funny scenes at the end. When that crazy dino Blue trying to convey to the same DNA Rex about it's master, it just gave a sweep with it's head.
How you guys felt about these never ending Jurassic series. Let us know in the comments below.


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