MeeBhoomi - A good initiative from AP Govt.

We bring nothing when we come to this world and we take nothing when we died. But still, what we have in the life will be valuable at least for the time we live. Wait, why I'm saying this now, because most of our valuable time is well spent on the land issues. And there is so many things need to happen to know the present owner of the land. Recently AP (Andhra Pradesh) government announces a portal for public to access all the land details.
website : MEE BHOOMI  (do remeber the site uses telugu font, make sure your browser renders it properly)
The web portal allows you to see the details of the land based on Survey number/patta number/Aadhar number linked to that property / name of the landlord. You can get Adangals for yourself as well as for whole pack of village at a time. Not only adangals, 1-B details and FMB (Field Measurement Book). Now everybody knows who owns what.
The Govt. of AP is also providing an android App to view the details of same. But it is in .apk form, which can be downloaded and installed after you enable the installs from unknown sources in settings.
Now guys, stop fighting and proceed logically.

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