Nannaku prematho - Another Mind game from Sukumar

Ikkada ila review rastunnanu ante, idi ippati emotion kadu, Movie choosetapudu baga entertain ayyanu kabatti danni ikadiki carry chesa. Srushtilo anni interconnected ga untai. Oka chota unna oka vastuvu/manishi inkoka chotuna unna maroka vastuvu/manishi ni prabhavitam chestai. Ee cinemaki Sukumar logic ide. Tulsiram theatre lo I4 seat lo kurchoni choodadam valla cinema naku baga nachindemo.

Fortunate to have the director like Sukumar in the Telugu film industry. 1 Nenokkadine was a master piece and this one was another master piece. Sukumar is playing with the brains of Audience. He never wants to make movies that entertain the audience to have the conventional song-fight-song formula experience. He make you dive in the subject and create a strange feeling about the leading role. Asalu ila evaraina untara ani anipinchadam tadhyam.

Vijay C Chakravarthy, the Cinematographer who also worked for Bommarillu, Oye, Oh my friend etc.. He was too awesome for this movie. When the movie started i felt it was fascinating and the awesome photography last till the end of the movie.

Rakul preet singh, the former miss India was gorgeous in the movie. She was apt for that lavish look in the movie and her own dubbing made the role more special.

First half lo NTR, srushtilo anni inter connected ani start cheyangane naku navvu agaledu. 150 rupees ticket konukkoni, terrific traffic ni datukoni, kasepu entertain feel avdam ani relaxed ga kurchune oka 1000 mandiki, AC theatre lo kurchobetti,  dolby atmos sound petti, oka kotha concept chepte valla reaction gurthoste, I can't stop laughing. 1-nenokkadine movie ni anthaga receive cheskoni prekshakulu, ee cinema ni kuda anthe receive cheskuntaru.

But, kothadanam korukune audience ki matram, 1 nenokkadine entha kick ichindo, anthaku minchi ee movie istundi.

NTR was fantastic again with his different look and cool attitude. We saw a different NTR, not that NTR who delivers long emotional dialogues, instead an intelligent, smart and emotional NTR.

Losing someone, especially parents is an unbearable thing. Instead of thinking about the existence of the lost one, think about the principles that they used to follow is more important. When I listened to the last song sung by Devi Sri Prasad, "nannaku prematho", I recalled few lines told by his father to Devi. Watch the clip below.
He never liked me to stop my work for whatever reason..
People don't recognize the role of a father till they become one.

Those who connected to Sherlock TV series or Sukumar's intuitions, they will definitely enjoy this movie.

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