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Why one should prefer BSNL?

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited), being the largest wired broadband provider in India has decided to set the post FUP speed to 1Mbps from crawling 512kbps. This is seriously awesome move from the ISP giant. This is applicable to all plans on PAN India basis. And it is effective from 1st August,2016.

BSNL is slowly building attractive and cost effective communication eco-system for a common subscriber. It includes, fixed landline, wired broadband, mobile services, mobile data services, wifi-hotspots.
Free night Calling from landline phone from night 9pm to morning 7am. You can call to any network, any state in India at free of cost which is well suited for the rural people who wants to communicate with their children working in other states.BSNL broadband offers many unlimited plans. All plans have 2Mbps as minimum speed till FUP limit. And 1Mbps speed after FUP limit.
BSNL has a stunning mobile plan Amulya.Voice calls @1p/sec(Loca/STD and to any network)Night calling from 9pm to 7am…

For those who are in the realm of Caste.!!

Is cashless economy possible in India?

(this set of text is copied from a comment  by Vatsal Thakkar on an article written at Civils Daily. It is so beautiful that I can't resist to share here) Cashless economy I would like to bring a completely different and quite down to earth concept of cashless economy. And that is 100% possible in India with its diverse cultural backgrounds, various business practices and many different ways of cash transactions. Before introducing the system, I would like to present a scenario of typical mumbaikar lady. Just imagine a case; while going for shopping; she is taking a best bus from her home to reach nearest Mumbai Metro station and after reaching her destination station, she hires an autorickshow to reach the nearest mall where she finds her desired outlet of Shopper’s Stop. After finishing shopping she had some refreshments at McDonald in the same mall. now, she chooses to take a taxi to back home and calls for the phone taxi. On her way home, she also stops to buy her daily needs at …