Why one should prefer BSNL?

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited), being the largest wired broadband provider in India has decided to set the post FUP speed to 1Mbps from crawling 512kbps. This is seriously awesome move from the ISP giant. This is applicable to all plans on PAN India basis. And it is effective from 1st August,2016.

BSNL is slowly building attractive and cost effective communication eco-system for a common subscriber. It includes, fixed landline, wired broadband, mobile services, mobile data services, wifi-hotspots.
  • Free night Calling from landline phone from night 9pm to morning 7am. You can call to any network, any state in India at free of cost which is well suited for the rural people who wants to communicate with their children working in other states.
  • BSNL broadband offers many unlimited plans. All plans have 2Mbps as minimum speed till FUP limit. And 1Mbps speed after FUP limit.

  • BSNL has a stunning mobile plan Amulya.
    • Voice calls @1p/sec (Loca/STD and to any network)
    • Night calling from 9pm to 7am @20p/min ( Local/STD and to any network)
    • Free National roaming. You don't need to special recharge while you roam. 
    • Full Talk time offer, always. There is no riddle to find what is the full talktime voucher present in the market. Recharge with 200 and above and get full talktime.
  •  Coming to mobile data services, BSNL has best of its kind 3G network across the country (well, I didn't roam all around the country. But as per my usage in major towns in my district). All mandals in the district will get 3G coverage by end of this year. 
  • Free to Home is an innovative idea which will forward your mobile calls to your landline at home/office at free of cost. You can decide when you want to forward and when to not. We all knew the voice quality of land phone. It is crystal clear.
How to activate Free to Home service

These are all aggressive moves from BSNL which are well suited for customers especially for those who are in rural areas.

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