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Transforming India: Ancient Civilisation and the part of Intellectuals

The main problems faced by the world today are terrorism, pollution, water scarcity, lack of nutritious food, shrinking mindset, lust for power and property, etc. As far as my intention is concern all the problems can only be addressed only if India is transformed based through realization of its culture.
Fed up!!
Ok, I'll not drag more than this. Let me make you clear why I'm always insisting on the cultural transformation right from my first post. The reason is very straight forward to judge any any nation its culture plays a prominent role. As said India has rich cultural heritage. I put forward a point which makes you understand the richness and strength of Indian culture. Some of the civilizations which were considered to be the greatest of all times like the Persian civilization the present day Iran became extinct just after a 12 years of foreign invasion. Mesopotamia and Babylon the present day Iraq lost its cultural heritage just after 17 years of foreign rule. One of the …

Transforming India: glimpse of ancient india

What is this issue, transforming-Hinduism bla bla bla. Is this thinking necessary for us in this age of globalisation. There are lot many people to think of this.
My answer would be certainly not, we should not bother about this in this age of globalisation, I agree there are lot many intellectuals to think about this. But there is something to give a sight into.
When I say " India before several mellinia ago also know the conditions prevailed when India is supreme, why is India supreme at that time, why it has loosen its supremacy.By knowing all these things in detail we can again enhance our skills and make India supreme again. By making India supreme we can achieve world peace and make our planet so called "vasudhika kutumbakam" which we studied but never experienced.
Now let me dig through history of India, the true history but not the history which we studied through out text books. What I mean to say is that we should relearn all the history what we have learnt, whic…

What should BSNL do to #beatTheCompetition?

NOTE : Post written by one of the employee on the eve of #WorldTelecomDay 
BSNL is doing good in these days under the leadership of Sri Anupam Srivatsava. But the following few suggestions may improve the situation. 1. Mobile : #3GEverywhere
Install 3G Node B's at every tower. And kindly don't go for 4G as we don't have much spectrum and hence we can't give pan-india services which will be a drawback. Instead, we can invest in 3G node Bs which will be meaningful for those who take STVs like 333/349 etc. What's the point of having daily 3GB limit, when we are limited to Mandal level 3G coverage. We should penetrate to Rural areas too. That is possible by expanding our 3G services to villages. 2. Landline, Broadband and FTTH : #MakeSimplePlans
Just like our mobile plans designed for various needs ( 333 for truly data plan, 349 for unlimited voice calls) etc. It is time we should have a dashboard in our website which should be updated on daily basis for choosing broa…

Ideology for transforming India - Hinduism

"Ideology for transforming India" the title itself sounds something boring. What is this? Why to transform India? Is India not in a good condition now? If India is in good condition then why to transform it? The title itself is an amalgamation of n number of issues. So let us first understand the theme with some questions. Is this title transformation now necessary? If it is necessary why the intellectuals born in India haven't talked about this? Transformation in case of what, what should be transformed? Does Hinduism has any relation with this transformation? By including the word Hinduism in the title am I going communal? Answers for all the above questions will definitely make us think, and ultimately we would realise that India should be transformed and that transformation should be in the lines of Hinduism, because it doesn't benefit just India but the entire world. Stay tuned and subscribe for more articles related. And always, share your opinions in comment…

Yosemite - Pristine, Magneficient and Inspiring

Yosemite is pristine, looks like it is untouched except for the roads. Find a rock for yourself to sit on and you will lose track of time looking into wilderness. As said by Einstein, look deep into nature and then you will understand everything. It can enlighten your soul. Like meditation, your thoughts walk into the greens and leave the weight in your brain somewhere deep in the woods here.
Trekking in Yosemite in one experience that you keep telling to your friends for days. The tall oak and pine trees on either sides of the trail path are majestic and welcome you as if they love visitors. Not sure if the giant sequoias touch the clouds but they can definitely intimidate anybody with their size.
There are many spots to visit in Yosemite National park, my personal favorite is Glacier Point. A view of Yosemite waterfalls from Glacier point is below. Trust me, this place is worth a visit.

Why Yosemite? It's got dozens of incomparable meadows and more than a hundred lakes, plus waterf…