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Yosemite - Pristine, Magneficient and Inspiring

Yosemite is pristine, looks like it is untouched except for the roads. Find a rock for yourself to sit on and you will lose track of time looking into wilderness. As said by Einstein, look deep into nature and then you will understand everything. It can enlighten your soul. Like meditation, your thoughts walk into the greens and leave the weight in your brain somewhere deep in the woods here.
Trekking in Yosemite in one experience that you keep telling to your friends for days. The tall oak and pine trees on either sides of the trail path are majestic and welcome you as if they love visitors. Not sure if the giant sequoias touch the clouds but they can definitely intimidate anybody with their size.
There are many spots to visit in Yosemite National park, my personal favorite is Glacier Point. A view of Yosemite waterfalls from Glacier point is below. Trust me, this place is worth a visit.

Why Yosemite? It's got dozens of incomparable meadows and more than a hundred lakes, plus waterf…