Ideology for transforming India - Hinduism

"Ideology for transforming India" the title itself sounds something boring. What is this? Why to transform India? Is India not in a good condition now? If India is in good condition then why to transform it?
The title itself is an amalgamation of n number of issues. So let us first understand the theme with some questions.
Is this title transformation now necessary?
If it is necessary why the intellectuals born in India haven't talked about this?
Transformation in case of what, what should be transformed?
Does Hinduism has any relation with this transformation?
By including the word Hinduism in the title am I going communal?
Answers for all the above questions will definitely make us think, and ultimately we would realise that India should be transformed and that transformation should be in the lines of Hinduism, because it doesn't benefit just India but the entire world.
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