What should BSNL do to #beatTheCompetition?

NOTE : Post written by one of the employee on the eve of #WorldTelecomDay 

BSNL is doing good in these days under the leadership of Sri Anupam Srivatsava. But the following few suggestions may improve the situation.
1. Mobile : #3GEverywhere
Install 3G Node B's at every tower. And kindly don't go for 4G as we don't have much spectrum and hence we can't give pan-india services which will be a drawback. Instead, we can invest in 3G node Bs which will be meaningful for those who take STVs like 333/349 etc. What's the point of having daily 3GB limit, when we are limited to Mandal level 3G coverage. We should penetrate to Rural areas too. That is possible by expanding our 3G services to villages.
2. Landline, Broadband and FTTH : #MakeSimplePlans
Just like our mobile plans designed for various needs ( 333 for truly data plan, 349 for unlimited voice calls) etc. It is time we should have a dashboard in our website which should be updated on daily basis for choosing broadband plans. there should be one stop page for all broadband plans and our offers. (What I'm trying to convey is, Customers should know new plans from our web portal, not from other websites like telecomtalk etc.)
Although we have partnered with local cable operators for access network, it's high time we need to expand this quickly, because of our copper network can't give 10Mbps which may be minimum bandwidth in coming days. FTTH should be installed in every district, which will enhance the speeds.
3. #KTSessions We should conduct KT sessions (Knowledge Transfer Sessions) monthly/by monthly once among ourselves. The reason i'm saying this is the employee who is working in Transmission may not know the plans that are offered at present. or the employee working in Sales team, may be posted in O&M and the productivity is definitely less compared to a specialist. The new employee can learn the things, my point is all the employees should be at same knowledge which will be helpful to our organisation.
Share your suggestions in the comments section.

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