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Transforming India: Ancient Civilisation and the part of Intellectuals

The main problems faced by the world today are terrorism, pollution, water scarcity, lack of nutritious food, shrinking mindset, lust for power and property, etc.
As far as my intention is concern all the problems can only be addressed only if India is transformed based through realization of its culture.

Fed up!!

Ok, I'll not drag more than this. Let me make you clear why I'm always insisting on the cultural transformation right from my first post.
The reason is very straight forward to judge any any nation its culture plays a prominent role. As said India has rich cultural heritage. I put forward a point which makes you understand the richness and strength of Indian culture.
Some of the civilizations which were considered to be the greatest of all times like the Persian civilization the present day Iran became extinct just after a 12 years of foreign invasion. Mesopotamia and Babylon the present day Iraq lost its cultural heritage just after 17 years of foreign rule. One of the greatest and so called incomparable civilization the Egyptian civilization was destroyed by foreigners just after 21 years of ruling it. England completely changed its religion.
But India still after 1000 years of foreign rule still sustains its civilization and culture. This itself explains its strength. And it is not a simple issue to say that an ancient civilization is still persistent. We need to observe how and why it is persistent. It is persisting because of its relevance to present situations and present needs. It is persistent because it is scientific. It is persistent because it is adaptable. It is persistent because it can sustain change. It is persistent because it can absorb all the changes into it.

The above mentioned reasons may sound simple but development of such a civilization having great features as mentioned above is not an ordinary thing. This shows the intellectual property existing then. And also the Vision of community which development it.

So the rich cultural heritage should be brought back. Don't get panic bear me for few more minutes. I don't mean to go back to age where there are no sufficient facilities to lead happy life, but I would only say this use the ancient techniques in combination with the present development and create a new civilization whose roots lies with ancient Indian civilization. This makes the country to prosper again.

The theme is to ensure the over all development of country which is possible only through the transformation of present existing society on scientific base of ancient indian civilization. And major question in your mind would be why to transform it only on the base of our ancient civilization.

The reason is very simple - our ancient civilization has given a very different meaning to some peculiar words which are being used as words of development. Let's take one.

What does the very word supreme power mean? - the present day dictionary or Wikipedia says that the country which has higher number of nuclear weapons and the country which can cause severe destruction by firing a single weapon. But what our culture said - it said that the country which can show its impact in the development of local civilization and spread peace where ever it enters and strive for the development of people there. This means we are not bringing down their civilization but aiding to develop their civilization. More over our motto can be summarized by a great saying in Sanskrit anayasena maranam vinadinyena jeevitham. Yes its true our country in the past strived only for this. This is achieved through another single Sanskrit word tathwamasi.

So above discussion says our ancient policy is live and let live. This is the reason why we should use principles of our ancient civilization for development. And other question which impinge into the mind is why intellectuals born in India haven't taught of it. I had a reason for it. The reason is fear of pseudo socialism. Yes definitely pseudo socialism. Truly after analyzing our culture I found that true social and secular characteristics existed in our ancient Indian society  though there was a strong desire for previous intelligentsia also to transform India based on ancient civilization. But there are no solid proofs of ancient Indian civilization and hence due to fear of being questioned they haven't taught of it. But as the days passed research is being conducted not in India but in foreign countries on Vedic philosophy and truths and science in the Vedas is being learnt. This is now being accepted world wide. And our Indian monk sorry great Indian monk sri swamy Vivekananda said as science flourishes world would understand the scientific nature of Indian civilization. His words are being realized now.

But very pathetic situation is that our very own country which owns the rich culture is not spending even a penny on the research on Vedas. The only reason is fear of pseudo secular and pseudo social forces. More over our previous leaders though good in some aspects, in my opinion failed in uplifting the cultural heritage of India. It may have many reasons but we the present generation and owners of our rich culture has a responsibility to uplift our tradition. And I also point out one important thing that is the untouchability which existed in the country during its independence might also be the other reason why our leaders and intellectuals born in the country haven't taught of transforming India based on the ancient civilization. At this juncture I want to make one thing clear that is the base for Indian ancient civilization are vedas, note that no where in Vedas the concept of untouchability is discussed. And in bhagavad geeta also lord Krishna said that the varna vyastha which is the division of society is not based on birth but based on the work and occupation people choose and follow. But due to some egocentric and self centered fools the meaning of varna vyastha has changed and took present form.

More over the secular people sorry being called secular people talked and propagated only about caste system, enforceability, superstitious practices, sati. They haven't even gave an eye to the universal teachings of Vedas, gita and upanishads. They haven't talked about great advances in Vedic science. They haven't taught of relevance of Hinduism today to bring peace, prosperity, ecological balance, family and moral values.

Sample of the scientific nature of Indian myths and the greatness of Indian culture applauded by west  is being listed below:
  1. Carl sagan drew the metaphor between the cosmic dance of nataraj and the modern study of the cosmic dance of sub atomic particles.
  2. Max Muller a German scholar said “if I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered of the greatest problems of life and has found solutions, I should point out to India.”
  3. A British orientalist Philip Rawson said “There can no longer be any real doubt that both Islam and Christianity owe the foundations of both their mystical and their scientific achievements to Indian initiatives.”

With such a big discussion about the title I feel it is sufficient to convince you why India should be transformed based on ancient civilization and why intellectuals born in India haven't taught of transforming India based on ancient civilization.

Thank you.


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