Transforming India: glimpse of ancient india

What is this issue, transforming-Hinduism bla bla bla. Is this thinking necessary for us in this age of globalisation. There are lot many people to think of this.

My answer would be certainly not, we should not bother about this in this age of globalisation, I agree there are lot many intellectuals to think about this. But there is something to give a sight into.

When I say " India before several mellinia ago also know the conditions prevailed when India is supreme, why is India supreme at that time, why it has loosen its supremacy.

By knowing all these things in detail we can again enhance our skills and make India supreme again. By making India supreme we can achieve world peace and make our planet so called "vasudhika kutumbakam" which we studied but never experienced.

Now let me dig through history of India, the true history but not the history which we studied through out text books. What I mean to say is that we should relearn all the history what we have learnt, which is a hectic task, because Learning is very easy than relearning.

Stop stop stop! True history and history in books, aren't they both same. Yes both are not same. The history of India was not written by indian and not even a foreigner who toured India, it was written by some British named James mill who never visited india. Shocked! But it is true.

Ok it sounds you were correct but what is the link between knowing the past history of India and the present discussion of transforming India. The link is very clear if the conditions for supremacy once is known then we can try to reachieve those conditions not exactly the same conditions but the conditions which are amicable to the present situation.

History not only gives the prevailed situations but also works as a guide for future which protects us from again running into the same destructive situation which occurred in past.

Now I cannot let you know the entire history of India sorry need to say true history of India but some things which make us believe the supremacy of India.

And I strongly say that the points which I project would definitely make you believe the supremacy of India, again ridiculous sentence, the points which I project establishes the supremacy of India.

Cultural and habitat--the culture and habitat of India was such that, the family was given esteemed value and respect. This is being followed by the supreme powers now a days not to say that but to say supreme nuclear powers. You might be astonished as I used the word supreme nuclear powers because to day the situation is like this that is the country with strongest military base and more weapons is treated as supreme power. But our great culture was not like that. We conquered the entire world and established our supremacy, saying exactly cultural and knowledge supremacy on the entire world. Yes this is not just the sentence framed by me, but it was said by whotsue, a Chinese ambassador to America. He said that India yes it is India only India which dominated China for more than 20 centuries without sending single soldier across its borders. India dominated China culturally, psychologically, economically, what not in every domain without getting a single drop of red out.

I hope you can recognise in this single issue how strong and soft indian supremacy is. Not only cultural dominance but also in many domains. Let's consider medicine.

Medicine -- Indians not used chemicals and artificially made medicines to control diseases. But believed health and disease both will take birth from food. So we preached controlled food controls every thing even diseases which are chronicle. In Sanskrit we have a famous quotation "Lankanam paramoushadam". And we also heard mithaaharam sarva shrestam and amithaaharam sarva brashtam, if we go on seeing such phrases which our ancestors told it gives us confident that controlled, disciplined and streamlined food is essence of good health. Indians always believed that prevention is better than cure. Treatment of disease will be targeting the root cause and not the symptoms alone as our so called modern medicine does. Do you believe if I say that indian medical science is so advanced than present day. I would quote one example that is Indians used knives for surgery which can cut hair longitudinally. Indians showed excellence in every domain of medicine. Let's stop here as I said if we go on discussing like this it would would take days more. Next dominated area is through education.

Education -- so called by them selves the fathers of modern education system, the britishers, proudly say in their British engineered history that they founded and introduced formal education in India. This is the reason why I said we need to know true history of India. Well before British came to India, Indian maharajas promoted universities, well why to use such pale word named universities, while we were having the great word in Sanskrit named "vishwa vidhyalaya". I here feel great towards our language which could give give 60 synonyms for a word water. Yes I proudly project that there is no other language which could have such a great vocabulary. Now coming to our word vishwa vidhyala the university not only sheltered indian students, but also large number of foreigners. Examples of universities which showed their influence for larger time zone are takshasila university, nalanda, vikramashila, etc,. Not only universities we also maintained libraries. Worlds largest library was in kashmir where sarvagna peetham is present. Now let me know whether is there any thing new that British has done to education system. If I go on discussing one by one like this there will be no end for our relation as reader and writer. India showed excellence in administrative system, water management system, forest conservation, constructions, sculptures, law and justice what not every thing.

Finally I would like to conclude by saying a quatation by will durent he says India is the mother of all races and Sanskrit is the base of all languages.

Having realised little importance of ancient India I personally feel that India should be transformed, and transformation should be in the lines of Hinduism. Now I feel that I have achieved something in making you to put some interest in transforming India.

Now I hope the same title sounds something thing new than boring which you experienced before.

Thank you.

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