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God - God Men - Hinduism

God - God Men ------ The title looks something odd. But there is a lot to think about it. Let me begin the article by putting some questions that are lingering in my mind for many years.
Question: 1
Whether the existence of GOD has been discussed in Hinduism? If discussed, by whom it was done? And whether the discussion is carried forward in a sensible manner?
Question :2
Whether the GOD mentioned in the age-old books of Hindus personified?
Question :3
Is the essence of Hinduism wrongly propagated? If yes why? And by whom? If not, the reasons thereof for the present scenario.
Question: 4
What does the entity God Men? And where does it come from?
Question: 5
Is the varnas mentioned in the great books were correctly carried out and interpreted?
“Ohh……! hey please stop it.” ------- you may exclaim in boredom and distress. Though these are irrelevant to present way of life, there may be some questions often attack our mind as I have experienced.
Situations may be relevant or not, the present generation needs the answers or not---- all these questions peeped into my thoughts.
So anyway I decided that first I need some relaxation from these questions. So after hearing from scholars and laymen, I got to some conclusion. Now I’m going to share my views of the above mess that made my mind unstable.

GOD - GOD MEN ------> there is a great secret to be understood regarding this two words.
When I approached some people regarding the mess I faced. They undoubtedly confirmed GOD created GOD MEN as his representatives on the earth. People who might be reading this article might now get to understand who the GOD - MEN are. They are nothing but the first varna mentioned in the great books of HINDUISM, The Bramhins. And also said that god exists. The VEDAS, UPANISHADAS, ANGAS, and UPANGAS everything described GOD and personified him.
I accept that GOD exists. And all the ancient scriptures also stated the same. But no scripture except PURANAS and ITHIHASAS personified GOD, as far as my learning is concerned.
Now let me put before you the great single word that was described in the Indian scriptures - “TATHWAMASI”. The meaning of this word is I’m that. Which means the other thing which is existing other than me is myself. There is no difference between the and the entity existing other than me. The entire essence of Vedic literature is the mentioned single word.
To explain this single word, a huge amount of ancient INDIAN scriptures were created. Yes, true. To explain this many maharishis tried their level best. To understand this single sentence many maharishis are still doing sadhana.
As I’m not that much capable, simply I understood it as that the soul inside you and the soul inside the others before you is one and the same. For that matter, the GOD resides inside you as energy, The CHAITANYA.
After all the energy that is omnipresent is GOD and nothing more than that. Then a question comes? If GOD is the energy or Energy is GOD then why we people following HINDU way of life has these many GODS and GODDESSES? All the gods and goddesses we are worshiping are the personified good qualities. Simply saying they are the TRIGUNAS that are naturally present in every life bearing entity.
Now the angry young men would slam me saying “you mean that all the temples, rituals, worshiping methods everything mentioned in the scriptures was not correct?”
I don't mean it. I mean the way we interpret them is wrong. Going to temple is not to get the darshan of GOD and ask him for some boons. But going to temple should be to energize ourselves by the magnetic field that is present there. As of the books I read the temples were built to concentrate magnetic field scientifically and to unite people of different occupations. All the rituals that were mentioned in the scriptures are to make us happy through some karmas that we do, but not to make god appear before us.
Let's stop our discussion about the GOD here. Because if we continue like this there would be no end. Now I would conclude that Indian scriptures do discuss GOD, but not as we feel today but as we discussed in the above portion. Simply saying ---- “TATHWAMASI”.
The discussion of GOD was done by VEDAS. Some say that they were uttered by GOD, Some say that they were written. Anyway, we are not concerned about the author of VEDAS. We are concern about only the essence of VEDAS. It is the accepted truth that VEDAS was born and brought up in India and are great sources of knowledge.
Hopefully learned from some of my Muslim, Christian friends, the same is the essence of their religious books also.
Now why the truth(as of my knowledge) is misinterpreted. The reason is also simple, it is not in the reach of our minds to accept the truth “TATHWAMASI” and implement it. And now is this really carried forward in a sensible manner. Hopefully not. If it is carried forward in the correct manner then INDIA would not be like this. We would be standing before all the nations with our chins up.
Now comes the discussion of GOD-Men and Varnas. Yes, varnas were mentioned in the ancient INDIAN scriptures, but they were not the varnas that were interpreted nowadays. The scholar in the family is called brahmin, the man who has immense strength to protect his family and his group is called kshatriya, the man who can create wealth through his thinking is called vaisya. The man who can work hard and feed the entire family is called sudra. This shows that the same family has all the four varnas. The varnas were not decided by the birth but decided by the so-called NAIPUNYA one possesses.
But later on due to SOCIAL CONDITIONS above all SWARDHA, MOHA, KRODHA the varna system is interpreted and misguided. Ultimately as the generations passed it was totally changed. Slowly to protect their families and their vested interests birth Varna system was widely propagated and adopted. And then different laws were made suppressing someone and benefiting others.
Through this, we can conclude that the actual Varna system was misinterpreted and misadapted.
Coming to GOD MEN, these people were present in all the religions. Who was known as GOD MEN? The people who analyzed life and who realized truth should be originally regarded as GOD MEN. But the present scenario is quite different from this. People who don't know anything were claiming them to be GOD MEN just by playing some magical tricks. And one point to note is they were not specially created by GOD. They were just born as others were. But the sadhana in their life earns them such respect. Friends here I don't mention about the present day GOD MEN. The reason is very simple and known to all of us.
This is my small understanding of the GOD - GOD MEN. Criticism is always invited with valid point projections so that mistakes can be corrected.

Thank you


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