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India - Democracy - Bureaucracy

India a nation with strong Democracy. There has been a well-established democracy in India. This democracy is responsible for the happy and free-living of people in India. Now you people may get a doubt, what has happened to our democracy now. And what is the reason why I’m revolving around the term repeatedly? These would be answered automatically if you go through this article.
One of the reasons why India fought for the freedom is to achieve democracy and to end bureaucracy. Before Independence India was run by bureaucrats. And the apex house sitting in Britain would make laws and rules based on the feedback and reports given by the bureaucrats administering India. Due to this Indians suffered a lot and there raised the zeal for self-rule. Moreover, the reports of bureaucrats would always be favoring the interests of Britain and they never bothered about the common people.
So to represent the problems faced by the common man and also to solve them we adopted democracy after Independence. Now my question here is whether the purpose of adopting democracy has been achieved? Immediate answer would be certainly not. Because the problems of the common man are not being attended properly. So now will we question democracy and its implementation in India? Will it solve the problem? No No No. The answer is obvious.
In Democratic and Independent India also we have not ended bureaucracy. We still continue the evil toothed bureaucracy with Indian body and English mind. Yes true, because even though the decisions were taken by the leaders, they were greatly influenced by the reports and analysis done by the officers/Govt. Servants. And now these Govt. Servants were preparing reports and doing analysis that would favor the leaders and not people. Moreover first let us not blame the leaders because their post is temporary for 5 years and it is these government servants who should be blamed and who should be held responsible for this kind of nature.
In Independent India, the Govt. Servants have given a key role to be played. Their position is such strength that even leaders were to bound by the reports and analysis done by the Govt. Servants. Before independence, the bureaucrats were English and hence they favored their people. Now though the bureaucrats were Indians, still they are not favoring their people.
Like this still, unwanted bureaucracy is prevailing in India. Moreover, the govt. Servants instead of protecting people, they were harassing the general public. Yes, what I pointed is correct. Don’t get carried away by the notion that I’m criticizing the Govt. Servants. For your information, I’m also a Govt. Servant. So now you people can get convinced that I’m not intentionally criticizing the Govt. Servants.
Moreover, some great developments happened due to visionary govt. Servants only. Many Govt. Servants were excellent in their duty and struggle to help the common man. But some of the Govt. Servants would feel like they were directly brought to earth from heaven and they behave as if they were Gods. They will not listen to the common man's problems.
And the present scenario is if anybody questions the unlawful deeds of govt. Servants, they were being harassed. There is no need to mention the recent situation that has taken place, as we are all aware of that. So where is the democracy then? Who would protect the interests of the common man?
My answer would be nobody. We ourselves need to protect our great nation. If everybody questions the corrupt behavior of some of the govt. Servants and if govt seriously takes the complaints received on the public servants then the public institutions would serve the public better and hence unwanted bureaucracy would come to an end. Real democracy can be achieved. Moreover, it is with the public servants to decide on whether to serve people or too harsh people. The mindset of the public and public servants should be changed to get a change in society and to achieve absolute democracy.
Thank you.
This article is meant not to criticize anyone but only to expose the feeling of a common man. The opinion of the general rural human who has been harassed by the revenue authorities for no reason. The feeling of the farmer who committed suicide in front of the public office. The feeling of the downtrodden beaten by deputy tahsildar. Like this, if continue there will be no end.
Positive criticism to improve this article and change my opinion if false is always welcome. Thank you once again. 


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