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Google's Stadia, the GAME changer!

Having a high-end computer or any one of the boxes (Xbox, PlayStation) is not necessary to play high end games in the near future. Recently Google announced a new product from its armory related to gaming at GDC2019, called Stadia.
Stadia offers to stream the game in the web browser itself. The game will be loaded and run on the server side, only the video will be played on your computer/mobile. This can be called as Cloud Gaming or Game as a Service (GaaS). All we need is a decent internet connection and probably a subscription for Stadia. No need for any boxes.

The traditional premium boxes will be second thought. Since they are expensive for a casual gamer, Stadia will be the best option to experience big games. High tech spec GPUs, high speed processors and all the expensive hardware part will be saved.
Hmm, it sounds awesome!!
This is another master plan by Google to rule the digital world. Already Google and it's echo system is way more penetrated in the digital world. This…

Thoughts on today's India vs Australia cricket match

In today cricket match between Australia and India, I have different thoughts until the end of the match. The thoughts just popped up in my mind as each ball was being bowled.
What is the necessity to be calm in tense situations? Stonis thinks he can defend Boomrah over and score in other's overs. Stonis wants to keep the game to the last over. But on the other hand, Kohli wanted to end the game before going to last over, as there was no effective/experienced death over bowler left out of their quota of 10 overs. The balance of tension is maintained by the players. Both showed the calmness on the field. But after Stonis, there is no one left to show it.

No need for overconfidence. If we are overconfident, we are prone to make mistakes often. Stonis thought of hitting Shankar/ Jadhav easily. And he ended up being plumbed in front of the stumps. 
Don't think there is only one problem left to solve in your life. Stonis thinks only Bumrah can be the problem to their victory. But Sha…