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Who we are? And what we are doing here on the Earth?

Ever wonder who we are? and what exactly we are doing on this Earth, the lonely planet revolving around this furious Sun along with a bunch of bros (I mean planets).
Wait, this Earth? Do we have more than one Earth?
Who knows, in this humongous vast space, can't we find another Earth? The probability is surely greater than Zero. Humans are evolving like anything. We invented the fire, the wheel and what not? We make our lives easier day by day.

Sometimes, I feel we are also like ants. 
Yes, Ants. Most of the time, many of us will not observe their movement. Perhaps we are also like ants or any creature and we are being ignored/watched by some of the invisible entities of outer space.

Sometimes, I feel we are machines embedded with intelligence.
Just like the robots embodied with Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are also programmed and delivered to Earth. The programmed chip may be called as DNA. A question comes in my mind, how come our children have the same set of things ( i mean the same shape of face, eyes, mouth, fingers etc) that a human has? why not things like of an animal's big eyes and a long nose? why don't we have wings?

Yes, I agree that they are categorized based on their physical appearances. But, if we are all evolved from a single biological cell at the very beginning of the earth's life, why can't we survive in the water without an oxygen mask. This happens only if our DNA properties are being manipulated by others. who modify the DNA?
Who are they? They are the THEY who have a reference in the Interstellar movie.
Perhaps, THEY are living somewhere far from our earth, where our entire life (say 100 years) may be a WhatsApp status video (30 Sec) for them. And they just scroll our lives.
Do we need to believe our ancestors regarding god, astrology, any science?
Indians surely the masterminds of the earth. They invented all these astronomical things without proper scientific equipment. Perhaps, our ancestors nailed all the mysteries except few and know the very basic fact that we are here on Earth to live temporarily and we are not permanent here. In that process, they might have thought of THEY as Gods. 

We are infinitesimally small compared to this solar system.
And this solar system is infinitesimally small to galaxies.
Out there, in the millions of galaxies, we are nowhere.
We came here to live and die. Nothing more, nothing less.
Do the rhinos also have a political leader who promises to give pension? Just thinking...


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